Leather Cleaning

Is your leather upholstery in need of a good clean? Has it become dried out and tired looking over time? It can be hard to even remember how good your leather looked when it was new, because the dulling down and drying out process happens so gradually.


All leather products require cleaning, moisturizing and protection to retain their original softness, and natural beauty. If not properly maintained, leather can become brittle, which could lead to future cracking or tearing. Stains and spills can absorb into your leather, and may become permanent if not attended to. If not cleaned regularly, soils and body oils accumulate over time – giving leather a dull or even grubby appearance.


Shazam Carpet Cleaning can restore your leathers natural beauty with our total cleaning, conditioning and protection process. We restore your valuable leather upholstery using only the finest approved products by “Leather Master”. Specialised cleaning removes ingrained dirt, stains and oil – which helps to maintain the attractive appearance of your leather. A protector will moisturize and help to preserve the original quality of your leather, so that it looks, and feels like new even after years of wear. This moisturizing coating also protects against future soils and staining.


Not all leather surfaces are the same. Different types of leathers require different cleaning methods and cleaning products. The three most common types of leather used to make upholstery are; aniline, finished and nubuck leather.


If your leather needs some TLC – give Shazam Carpet Cleaning a call. We service most areas on the Gold Coast.








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Melanie Mcleod