Stain Removal

Are you sick of looking at those same old stains day after day? Stains can make a home or commercial space look messy, even if the place is tidy. Stains and spotting around door entrances and traffic areas are almost unavoidable, especially when pets or children are involved. If you can’t take it anymore, and want those stains to be gone, then give us a call, we are here to help. Shazam Carpet Cleaning uses a range of specially formulated products to treat and remove most stains and spotting. We treat each individual stain according to the stain and carpet type. Standard spot and stain removal is included in our pricing.


Specialised 2-Part Stain Treatment

If you have extremely stubborn stains, which were not shifted during a previous clean, or with our pre-spray and stain remover treatments, there is one last resort we can turn to. A specialised 2-part stain treatment called ‘Double Whammy’. Our double whammy system can clean up the stains that other carpet cleaners leave behind. We will always consult you before using this product on any stains.


Not All stains Come Out

Unfortunately, no  carpet cleaner can guarantee the removal of all stains, especially if the stain has set into the fabric over time. When removing stains, there are many factors to consider, such as the type of stain, the type of carpet fiber, how old the stain is, if stain removal was attempted, and with what products. Some stains may require the services of a carpet restoration specialist, rather than a carpet cleaner. A restoration specialist can best advise you on weather your carpet needs to be re-dyed or patched.


The Difference between a Spot and a Stain

Spots: are organic in nature, and are usually the result of a food spillage or something that has been walked into the home, which then attracts dust, and dirt. This creates what is typically a darker patch than the surrounding carpet fiber. A spot usually does not permanently damage the carpet, as the substances attracted to it sits on the outside of the carpet fiber. When left unattended, a spot may start to look like to be a stain.


Stains: are from substances that have the ability to alter the carpet fiber, by changing the color of the fiber itself. Some examples of substances that  can cause stains are: cordial, soft drinks, coffee, curry, mustard, bleach, makeup, paint, and ink. Trying to remove a mark on the carpet with the wrong cleaning solution can also cause staining.


I have used carpet cleaners on the Gold Coast for twenty years and carpets have been fair, i came across Shazam Carpet Cleaning and i could not believe the difference they came up like they had just been laid they looked brand new and the smell was amazing i would never use anyone else but Shazam ever again, a spectacular job.