Ground Level Window Cleaning

Keeping your windows clean not only allows you to view the world outside without having to squint to see past all those fingerprints and grime, but it also makes the exterior of your home look vibrant.


Shazam Carpet Cleaning will give your windows that sparkling clean finish. Our cleaning method ensures that the inside and outside of your windows will be squeaky cleaning and spotless. We do request that you remove any obstructions in front of the windows prior to cleaning where possible.


Shazam Carpet Cleaning will first hose down the outside of the window surrounds, including the windows, screens, and sills. This process cleans the fly screens, and clears the windows and surrounds of all cobwebs, and major dirt. We then clean the insides of the windows and wipe over the window frame, and vacuum all tracks. Finally, we clean the outsides of the windows. We use a squeegee on the insides and outsides of your window.


To dramatically increases the outside appearance of your home, we prefer to hose the outsides of your windows and surrounds instead of just cleaning the windowpanes, as it. This process helps clear away most dust and dirt from the widow frame, and enables us to clean out window and door runners. Fly screens also come up a lot cleaner after a hose rather than a wipe over.


Very good service, I believe this company really does its best as I had a few really hard stains that had been there for years, and the guy did a good job and put alot of extra effort into the hard stains… very good service, you don’t see it much these days.
David Gillon