Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a major investment in your home or commercial space. RegularFullSizeRender-1 professional cleaning is necessary to maintain your carpets appearance, and to ensure it’s longevity. We are committed to sourcing the best methods and cleaning products available, to provide you with cleaner carpets, and a healthy indoor environment.


We use a safe, non-hazardous pre-spray that will not harm you, your children, or your pets. Unlike some other companies – Shazam carpet cleaning will not charge you extra for vacuuming, pre-sparys and basic stain removal. (They are a standard part of our cleaning process)


Our high tech equipment is tailored to clean all carpet types. Shazam carpet cleaning offers either steam or dry carpet cleaning methods, and can give friendly advice on which is the better choice for your carpet type.


We understand that every single step in the cleaning process is critical to the finished result. This is why we are among the best carpet cleaners on the Gold Coast.

We’ll Look After You

With Shazam Carpet Cleaning, there are no sales gimmicks, we don’t cut corners, and we won’t charge you extra for the critical steps in the cleaning process. Below is a list of inclusive services we provide as standard. Other companies may charge you extra for these services or may not include them at all.

Dry Vacuuming

Water if combined with dry soil in your carpet willIMG_0331 create mud! This is why it is so important to remove as much dry soiling as possible before any water is applied in the cleaning process. It is for this reason that Shazam Carpet Cleaning always vacuum with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner as standard practice before the (hot water extraction) cleaning process. Our commercial grade vacuum cleaners are equipped with auto adjusting rotary brushes that thoroughly remove deep down soiling, dust, and other debris.

Pre-spray & Neutralising Softener Rinse

Applying a pre-spray before extraction isIMG_0349 the most effective way to thoroughly clean  carpet. Shazam Carpet Cleaning always apply a quality pre-spray to your carpet or upholstery. We also use a neutralising softener in the extraction water which rinses away pre-spray residues and leaves your carpet cleaner and softer to the touch. Others in the industry may just use an in tank cleaning solution instead of a prespray.  This method does not allow enough time for the cleaning formula to take proper effect and will not clean your carpet as well.


Agitation is the key to cleaning just about anything more effectively, yet itIMG_0364 is often overlooked by many carpet cleaning professionals. At Shazam we use either manual or mechanical agitation to scrub and work the pre-spray evenly through the carpet fibres. This helps the pre-spray to desolve stubborn stains and cut through grease, as well as bringing more soiling to the surface of the carpet, for a more thorough extraction rinse. The finished results are outstanding. Your carpets will look far brighter and are much cleaner. 

Stain Removal & Deodorisation

Standard spotting and stain removal is included in our pricing. We take theIMG_0302 time to treat and remove stains where possible, using appropriate products for the particular stain and carpet type. Shazam Carpet Cleaning use a pleasantly scented deodoriser as standard practice in our 9 step cleaning process. Our antimicrobial deodoriser does not just mask odours but eliminates them at a molecular level. Other cleaners in the industry may charge extra for standard stain removal and deodorisation or may not offer these services at all.

Our 9- Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: We conduct a pre-inspection of areas that require cleaning. This inspection highlights problem stains and other defects.From this assessment we then identify the best possible cleaning process.


Step 2: First of all, your carpet will receive a thorough vacuuming. We use a specialised industrial vacuum cleaner, which has a high-speed rotary brush that brings soiling and other debris from the bottom of the pile and removes them.


Step 3: We are happy to move your basic furniture. We use carpet sliders to slide your furniture along the carpet instead of dragging it. On request we can also provide a 2 man team to safely lift your furniture if required.


Step 4: Various spotters and stain removers are used to treat each individual stain according to their origin and carpet type.


Step 5: An appropriate application of pre-spray is applied to the carpet to loosen soils and break down stains. Mixed in with this pre-spay is an antimicrobial deodoriser that eliminates odors, as well as eradicating viruses and bacteria from your carpet.


Step 6: The pre-spray is then either manually or mechanically agitated evenly through the carpet fibres. This helps the pre-spray to desolve stubborn stains and cut through grease, as well as bringing more soiling to the surface of the carpet, for a more thorough extraction rinse.


Step 7: Further stain treatment is undertaken if required.


Step 8: We then use either hot water extraction (steam) or encapsulation (dry method), to thoroughly clean and neutralise your carpet. Our high tech, hot water extraction machine boasts extreme vacuuming power, and highly heated water to remove the deepest dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. Our Rotary Bonnet cleaner, scrubs the carpet clean with specialised pads, and the latest encapsulation cleaning technology.


Step 9: On completion, we reinstate your furniture with foam blocks, and plastic sheets underneath. This will protect both the carpet, and your furniture.

Factors that Influence Carpet Drying Times

“How long does it take for the carpet to dry”? Understandably, this is the most commonly asked question when cleaning carpets for a our new clients. On average, the carpet can take between 2 – 6 hours to dry out completely. There are number of factors can influence drying times.

Weather Conditions

If the weather is hot, humid, or if it is raining outside, the carpet will defiantly take a bit longer to dry. The time difference should not be significant. It may just take a couple of extra hours to dry. On a typical dry winters day, or a nice breezy Gold Coast summer day – drying times will be reduced.

Ventilation and Air Flow

This is the most significant factor in drying freshly cleaned carpet. Opening up windows on a dry day will help to dry out your carpets. Air-conditioning, ceiling, and pedestal fans will all greatly reduce carpet-drying time. Open doors around the areas which you have had cleaned. This Lets air to flow naturally through your home, and allows the carpet to dry more efficiently.

Carpet Fibers

Cut pile carpets dry the fastest. Moisture is able to escape through the top cut of the carpet fibers, easier than in looped fibers. A wool carpet can absorbs a lot more water than synthetic carpet, such as polypropylene, or nylon. A wool carpet will take longer to dry.

Cleaning Method

Depending on which cleaning method was used – your carpet should be dry within two to six hours. Our encapsulation process (bonnet cleaning) is usually dry within two to three hours. Hot water extraction (steam Cleaning) is a more thorough clean, but can take a bit longer to dry. We are always careful to never over wet your carpet. We take the time to complete a dry pass to extract excess water.

Time Of Day

If your carpet is cleaned in the morning or early afternoon – it has a far better chance to dry out than if it is cleaned later on in the day. In the day time it’s easier to open up the house to let the warm air dry the carpet out.

How Often Should I Get My Carpet Cleaned?

We recommend you clean your carpets every six to twelve months, even if they do not appear to be dirty or soiled. Regular carpet cleaning, using both the steam or dry cleaning method, and regular vacuuming, can prolong the life of your carpet. Additional care and cleaning of your carpets is most beneficial after renovations, spills, unexpected soiling, or prior to babies coming home for the first time.


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