Shazam Carpet Cleaning

Odour Removal

Unpleasant odours are a frustrating problem in the home or work place. They can be very difficult to remove and often require a professionals help.

odour removal

Effective and Healthy Odour Elimination

For some people, odours even lead to serious health issues affecting the immune system, and possibly causing allergies. Shazam Carpet Cleaning does not just deodorise to mask the smell, we use oxidisers and anti-microbial treatments to eliminate the source of the odour.

Long-Lasting Anti-Microbial Treatments

Our anti-microbial treatments can also eradicate bacteria, fungi, and mold and provides long lasting benefits from its residual activity for many months after treatment.

Comprehensive Odour Removal Services by Shazam Carpet Cleaning

We tackle tough odours like urine, smoke, food, bacteria, and pet oils with specialised tools and products, ensuring your carpets and upholstery are fresh and stain-free. Trust Shazam to locate, treat, and eliminate odour annoyances, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Urine Odours

Urine odours can be extremely difficult to remove, as it penetrates through the carpet fibers, and into the underlay. Pet urine, crystallizes into alkaline salts when dry, and can permanently damage and change the dyes in your carpet. Shazam Carpet Cleaning has the necessary tools and cleaning products to locate, treat, and remove urine odour. Staining will also be treated and removed where possible.

Smoke Odours

The smoke from a fire, cigarette, or a burnt pot is easily absorbed into carpet and soft furnishings, leaving them with an unpleasant smoky smell. Shazam Carpet Cleaning use the required anti-microbial deodorisers and processes to rid your carpet and upholstery of these unwanted odour annoyances.

Food Odours

Cooking odours drift throughout the home, absorbing into fabrics and carpet like a sponge. Then there are food and beverage spillages, or maybe even food that has gone off. We will eliminate these pesky food odours for you.

Bacteria Odours

After the carpet has been cleaned, it is extremely important that it then dries quickly. Hired supermarket machines, and unskilled, or unreliable carpet cleaning technicians can leave your carpets wet for days. This may lead to bacteria over growth, which in turn leads to an unpleasant smell throughout your home. The only thing you can do is to let the carpet dry out completely so that the bacteria dies off. The good news is the smell will lesson in a few days. If your carpet still smells when completely dry, call Shazam Carpet Cleaning, and we will eradicate these offensive odours!

Pet Oil Odours

Pets are an improtant part of the family. Many live inside the house, sleeping on the carpet, lounge or even on the bed. Oil from your pet’s fur can build up over time, creating odours throughout your home. If you want to reduce or remove the smell, Shazam Carpet Cleaning are here to help!